Caitlin and Dominique

Caitlin and Dominique

Mandy's two best friends, both were rarely in the foreground story early in the series, hence their names not being revealed for an extended period of time.

Caitlin has long, curly, black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. Though she doesn't say much, she has a snobby attitude and always backs Mandy up. Caitlin also has an older brother named Rick, who was a senior at Beverly Hills High School. As part of the "Spy Chic" fad, Caitlin's spy outfit is Lime-Colored. She was voiced by Katie Leigh in season 1-2, similar to Alex. She is Alex's rival.

Dominique has short, dark red hair, blue eyes and a snobby attitude. She is always there to support Mandy. Like Clover, she talks with a valley-girl accent. As part of the "Spy Chic" fad, Dominique's spy outfit is Cyan. She was voiced by Andrea Baker (similar to Clover) in seasons 1-2. She is Sam's rival.

Both characters were written out of the series in Season 5. After having graduated high school, Mandy and her friends all go their separate ways.