Vital statistics
Voice By Greg Cipes
Birthday  ?
Age  ?
Relatives  ?
Occupation WOOHP Agent
Relationship Status Single


He is an agent from WOOHP like Sam, Clover, and Alex. He first appeared in "Evil Promotion Much?" as their trainer and he was later shown in "Deja Cruise" as Jerry's sidekick for Sam, Alex, and Clover's super spies test. The girls have shown some romantic interest in Dean and he is the only boy that can resist Clover, much to her disdain. He is also the only male agent of WOOHP other than Jerry (and later Blane) to not have a minor role, such as numerous security guards. Dean returned in "WOOHP-tastic" and is put in charge of the WOOHP gadget lab. He is also present and takes part in the final battle in the series finale.